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About us

Starting the blog Czech Hotel Awards is another step on the way to our dream. The dream to create a responsible platform, which aims to contribute significantly to the improvement in quality and fulfilment of the potential of accommodation facilities in the Czech Republic.

Whether it’s five-star hotels, family businesses or international chains – they all have one thing in common – they exist thanks to people alone. People, who spend their holidays there, spend the night on business trips, hold conferences or enjoy a romantic weekend for two. All of these people form a group, thanks to whom accommodation businesses have something to live for and live on. And so we believe that these people, your current and potential guests, deserve our maximum attention.

We assist hotels in approaching clients who don’t just look at the ratings on a travel website. We want to help you communicate your message, your passion, your love of a place that you dedicate yourself to. The Hotel of the Year blog offers a place for all hoteliers, who are truly proud of their “creation” and want to share it with those who can appreciate it. We are very aware of just how far a good name goes. And we are prepared to support that name with our own.

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