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Aktualizováno: 11. 12. 2019

At the end of July, the road took us to Železná Ruda, a town on the slope of the Pancíř mountain. Here, in the middle of the Šumava forests, stands a building that looks somewhat unusual at first sight. We are talking about the Orea Resort Horizont. As the name suggests, the resort is part of the Orea Hotel chain, meaning guests can expect higher quality and standard of accommodation here.

Upon arrival, the distinct freshness of a mountain atmosphere is felt here at once - clean air, peaceful surroundings and a stunning panoramic view. We enter the hotel building and our attention immediately turns to the pleasantly modern interior design of the hotel. Everything looks brand new and untouched, which we soon learn why. The Orea Resort Horizont was reopened on December 21st of 2018 after a complete renovation. Within the Orea hotel chain, the Horizont is the first hotel to be renovated. Nevertheless, its history dates back to the 1980s. The hotel mainly attracts families with children, but fully satisfies the demands of all ages and types. Its service is prepared for the requirements of both younger and older couples, as well as clients travelling for both leisure and business purposes.

The hotel offers accommodation in 117 four-star standard rooms and despite its large capacity, provides its guests with plenty of privacy. You will mostly meet Czech clientele here, but one third of guests arrive from neighbouring Germany, which is within close reach of the hotel. The newly renovated rooms are a great advantage of the hotel. Each room is unique in its own way. On the walls you can read quotes from several famous personalities. Our attention was also caught by the unusual wooden bedside tables. It is such details, combined with the use of soothing brown and grey tones, that create a truly cosy atmosphere for thorough relaxation. Do not hesitate to ask for a room with a mountain view that will further enhance the amazing experience. The hotel also provides facilities for company workshops or team buildings. In addition, the conference hall is connected to an outdoor terrace where you can unwind after meetings with colleagues over a barbeque.

Delicious meals are to be enjoyed at the Horizon Hotel, with experienced chefs from five-star hotels in Prague preparing your dishes here. Their kitchen mostly makes use of local produce such as fish from local fishermen, mutton from Šumava farmers or authentic pastries from Mr. Rendl, a baker from Sušice. On recommendation of the hotel’s manager, you must especially try the chef’s rendition of zander. Guests are offered half board and of course a variety of choices from the menu. Enjoy your meals in the spacious and modern dining room. What surprised us there was an entire recipe for one of the restaurant’s favourite desserts, written up on a chalk board for guests to enjoy. Apparently, the chefs here keep no secrets from their guests, allowing you to bring the Horizont experience to your own kitchen. In addition to delicious food, be sure to taste their drinks. The head bartender has prepared both tried and tested cocktails, as well as surprising specialties not to be found elsewhere.

If you stop by the Resort Horizont, you must not forget to try their wide range of wellness procedures. A large pool and diverse spa menu is available for your enjoyment. You can choose from various types of massages, wraps, cosmetic procedures not only for women or full-body treatments and beauty rituals. Needless to say, this hotel’s spa is renowned and visited by locals, as well as the inhabitants of both Bayerisch Eisenstein and the Czech Železná Ruda. On top of it all, the space of the spa is decorated with several beautiful pieces by master sculptor, Olbram Zoubek.

Particularly unique is the hotel’s offer of professional animation programmes. Animators, who also prepare programs for leading Czech travel agencies, have created entertainment for your children, so you can enjoy coffee on the terrace undisturbed or relax in the hotel wellness area. Eliška the Fox, the face and mascot of the Children's Club, has various sports activities and competitions for interesting prizes up her sleeve.

The Orea Resort Horizont has a very convenient and strategic location, providing you with plenty to do both in summer and winter. This is one of the reasons why their winter and summer season is completely balanced in terms of the number of guests arriving to the hotel. Our largest national park Šumava, located in close proximity of the hotel, offers countless opportunities for day trips, such as a hike to Poledník or Kvilda or a visit to the popular village of Modrava. If you enjoy going on trips abroad, visit the Bavarian Forest National Park, located right beside the Šumava National Park. In addition to hiking paths, cycling and cross-country skiing trails are also available. For skiing and snowboarding, a couple ski resorts are just a stone's throw away. Perhaps the best known and most popular among guests is the SKI & BIKE Špičák. More demanding clientele will surely be satisfied by a skiing experience in neighbouring Bavaria on the slopes of the Great Arber. After all, you can see its peak directly from the hotel.

So, don’t hesitate and come enjoy your holidays!

TOP 3:

- Location

- Animation programme for children

- Newly reconstructed rooms

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