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Aktualizováno: 15. 8. 2019

Perhaps you too are feeling the need to go and recharge your body and clear your mind somewhere? A desire to escape the city noise and constant pressure to perform? You imagine yourself being pampered and spoiled, then spending the rest of your time in beautiful nature and places charged with unforgettable energy? Perhaps you’re intrigued by the idea of a service, which combines the Eastern science and philosophy of Ayurveda with a selection of wellness programs, the work of Indian therapists, medical consultants and outstanding fitness and yoga coaches into one? If you’ve read up to here nodding in silent agreement, then the St. Kateřina Resort may be just the perfect place for you to finally relax.

Begin your visit of the Vysočina region symbolically in the city of Počátky, quite literally meaning “beginnings,” and decide to make a fresh start. Begin anew by parking your car here and letting yourself be carried away into the depths of the forest to the healing springs of St. Kateřina (Catherine). The springs are located right on the resort’s grounds, along with the 14th century church of the same name. It comes as no surprise that this has been a frequently visited spa location since the 18th century, as the local air and water seem to have a beneficial effect on illnesses today referred to as the diseases of civilization.

It is highly recommended that you also leave your phone and laptop here. This is supported by the fact that the resort’s rooms don’t typically have television or Wi-Fi. Does the idea of a stay without these “necessities” sound impossible? Perhaps a variety of programs, including massages, wraps, sauna, aromatherapy treatments, lectures, fitness exercises, yoga and horseback riding, may help. If you prefer organizing your own sports activities, there are several facilities that will enable you to do your favourite sports your way. The opening of the Ayurvedic pavilion with a swimming pool, whirlpools and other facilities for your body and mind to unwind is in store for this year.

Still feel like something is missing? Rightfully so. I haven’t mentioned the resort’s restaurant, which offers healthy meals and culinary specialities, complete with fresh spring water and a beautiful view of the lake and its magical surroundings. The Stone Circle of the Druids located above the resort, offers a place for spiritual healing and meditation. Come sunrise, this megalithic structure with a panoramic view of the area makes for an unforgettable experience, even for those, who aren’t believers in its magical power.

The entire concept of the St. Kateřina Resort will allow you as the client to feel right at the centre of its action and creates an Ayurvedic harmony between your needs and the services they offer.


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