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Our next trip brought us to the very east corner of Czech Republic, near the Polish border. Here, at the end of the world, lies the small village of Prstná, where the Chateau Petrovice is located. The Chateau has consistently placed itself on the top ranks of our competition and should definitely not go unnoticed.

This classicist estate, dating back to the 18th century, was renovated in 2012 and rebuilt into a hotel, but its original face has been preserved. Although officially labelled a four-star hotel, it fully meets the five-star standard with its quality and service.

The hotel offers a total of 35 rooms. Eleven of these are located directly in the main hotel building, while the remaining rooms are found in the tranquil villa Larisch in the Chateau park. The villa got its name after the Count Jan Larisch, who had the estate built. All rooms manage to sensitively combine the unique chateau character with the demands of a modern accommodation facility. The rooms are airy, cosy and you will find anything you need here during your stay.

In the entire hotel area, it is clear that attention is being paid to every detail and nothing is left to chance. The monogram ZP (‘Zámeček’ or Chateau Petrovice) is repeated throughout the interior in many forms. What particularly caught our eye was the designer chandelier in one of the lounges, which displays the monogram when lit, leaving a reflection on the side of your glass. Another original detail evidencing the owner’s, Jolanta Burkotová’s, true connection to the place, were her earrings, which also carried the engraved monogram.

In the hotel, you will find several unconventional interior layouts. On its own, a winery is surely nothing out of the ordinary, but would you expect to find it hidden beneath a glass cover under the reception? You can, therefore, select your wine already upon arrival. Art connoisseurs should turn their attention to the hotel’s walls, which are embellished with original artistic pieces. All paintings have been commissioned for the chateau directly or acquired in charity auctions.

Arriving at the hotel by car? No problem, you can park in the parking lot hidden underground, so as not to disrupt the atmosphere of the chateau park. The hotel has two halls with a total capacity of up to 100 people. These can be used both for meeting with your business partners and for organizing social events, such as weddings. The hotel meets the highest of standards, so it is not unusual to meet guests, such as the headliners from the popular music festival Colors of Ostrava, in the hallway. It is, understandably, highly recommended to book your stay at the hotel well in advance.

Well worth mentioning is the hotel catering. In the preparation of meals, the emphasis is placed on quality and local ingredients. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a lover of Asian cuisine, are watching your figure or prefer gluten-free, you can expect quality, delicious meals. The hotel restaurant always tries to surprise its guests with something that sets them apart from the rest. The menu is changed up regularly according to the season. An oyster mushroom farm is not your common hotel facility, but it is to be found here. We tried the oyster mushroom tartar and we are already looking forward to returning for a second round. For a perfect dining experience, allow their experienced sommelier to advise you on the selection of wine to complete your meal. We can only recommend that you come and taste it for yourself.

You won’t just be pampered by cosy rooms and delectable cooking, but also by the hotel’s vast selection of wellness procedures, which are held to a high standard at the hotel. You won’t know which section to visit first, as the wellness area expands over almost 800 m2. You can choose from all kinds of procedures such as various types of saunas, a Kneipp pool, whirlpool, massages and cosmetic treatments. Each room its thematically designed. You will find materials such as marble, wood, pearl or Himalayan salt tiling. You can make your choice of theme and enjoy a freshly prepared drink for a fully relaxing experience. The chateau Petrovice also offers one speciality, which is not found anywhere else in the Czech Republic. What do you imagine being in seventh heaven feels like? Not sure? Here you can try it out for yourself. A machine with this very name, which looks like something from a sci-fi film, will treat you to a therapeutic procedure that will leave you feeling like you’ve had the most restful night’s sleep, rejuvenated and “reborn,” both physically and mentally.

We must not forget the enchanting chateau park, which is protected by the state and rightly so. Beautiful mature trees, natural ponds, one of which you can bathe in on hot days or just enjoy watching the fish and swans that are kept there. If you like tulips, stop by in the spring. Up to 4,000 tulips from Holland are planted here, so you can enjoy their colourful beauty without having to travel across Europe. The park also houses a permanent exhibition of sculptures by Blanka Matragi. The park is freely accessible to the public, so you can also come and enjoy a delicious meal on the hotel terrace or just take a walk with the children.

By now you probably know that you will be royally taken care of at the Chateau Petrovice. You may be wondering, however, how to fill your days when staying for longer. There are countless possibilities. If you’ve tried everything in the hotel's wellness and would like some entertainment, you can play bowling right at the hotel or take part in one of the many events the hotel prepares for its guests and the public, whether it is a picnic in the castle park, an exhibition, champagne tasting or outdoor cinema in the summer. You will definitely not be bored.

If you wish to explore the surroundings, we recommend visiting the nearby golf course, take a trip to Ostrava for sightseeing, visit the castle in Karviná, admire the oblique church of St. Peter from Alkantara, hit the surrounding cycling paths towards Poland or make a trip to the beautiful Beskid Mountains.

The love and energy that the owner pours into the chateau, with the help of her dedicated staff, is reflected in every piece of the castle complex. The hustle and bustle of running a hotel is elegantly hidden away from the guests view, creating the reassuring feeling that everything is in complete harmony and all of your wishes can be fulfilled as if by magic.

Top 3:

- Wellness

- Chateau park

- Gastronomy

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