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If you’ve had enough of crowded streets, of the constant rush and wish to escape to the middle of nowhere, you don’t have to travel thousands of kilometres to get there. Our hot tip for you is the Excelsior Mountain Hotel, in the village of Horní Lomná near Jablunkov, close to the Slovenian and Polish borders. In the summer, when we visited the hotel, we had to express our gratitude for the intelligence of smartphones and GPS. The hotel is hidden away in the woods and without our smart helpers we would probably be wandering them to this day. Fortunately, we managed to arrive at last and could experience the charm of this hotel for ourselves.

The hotel offers 107 beds and 4 extra beds. In addition to the main hotel building, it is also possible to opt for staying in one of the cottages found 30 to 80 meters from the hotel. But don’t be fooled, it’s no return to the summer camp days. These cottages are designed for families with children or for groups of up to five people. Each cottage is equipped with a TV, a refrigerator, a hydromassage bathtub and an electric fireplace. The cottages can be used both in summer and winter and are a popular destination for New Year's Eve celebrations. So, if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet as well the comfort of hotel services, this will be the right choice for you.

Today, a hotel wellness area is nothing out of the ordinary for the regular hotel guest. Still, the Excelsior Hotel managed to surprise us in several respects. In addition to the already traditional procedures such as beer and wine baths, various types of massages, hydromassage and balneotherapy baths, you will find one peculiarity, found nowhere else in the Czech Republic. We are talking about innovative procedures based on molecular hydrogen. You can try out the special bath, massage, body wrap, beauty treatment or manicure. Molecular hydrogen detoxifies the body through the skin, has a beneficial effect on all kinds of skin diseases, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin and serves to refresh the whole body. Repeated procedures produce the best results, so many clients enjoy returning for this very reason.

After proper relaxation and regeneration, it’s time for some fun. The Excelsior Mountain Hotel prides itself on offering plenty of enjoyment for all kinds of weather. Inside the hotel you will find a gym, swimming pool, sauna, a foosball table, table tennis, a playroom for children and a squash court and two bowling alleys for sports enthusiasts. Outside you can make use of the multifunctional playground for a variety of sports and games, the outdoor heated pool and indoor gazebo with two fireplaces for barbecuing. If you’re lucky with the weather during your visit, you can also rent out mountain bikes at the hotel or set out on your own to explore the beauty of the Beskids.

Near the hotel you will also find many trails for cross-country skiing, as well as several skiing resorts such as Skiareál Severka, Kempaland in Bukovec or Skiareál Mosty near Jablunkov. In Jablunkov you can also visit the bobsled track. Near the village of Horni Lomná you will also find the national nature reserve that is the “primeal forest” Mionší, accessable with a guide from June to September. And if Czech Republic seems too small for you, Slovakia is just a stone's throw away, so you can plan your trips there, too.

The hotel is a popular destination for hosting events of all kinds, from various conferences, courses and sports intensives to trainings and company parties. The hotel’s conference facilities are suitable for 15 to 20 people, while the hotel will also gladly provide their restaurant and wine bar, which can seat up to 90 people. So, if you are looking for a place to organize a family or work event where you won’t be disturbed or be a trouble to other guests, you are at the right address. This is also one of the reasons why many weddings take place at Excelsior. Exuberant celebrations can last all night long.

The Excelsior Mountain Hotel is comfortably and simply designed, while its location and range of services ensures that you will not be bored here. So, you can turn off your phone, regenerate with molecular hydrogen, take a trip and enjoy the natural magic of the Beskid Mountains. 

TOP 3:

- Unique hydrogen baths

- Natural beauty of the Beskids

- Several sports facilities right on the hotel grounds

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