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Karlovy Vary, established in 1370 by the Czech King and Roman Emperor, Charles IV. It is the largest and most popular Czech spa town. The healing power of the mineral springs has been used in the Karlovy Vary region for more than 600 years, but the historical spa buildings, which you will encounter all over the city, belong mostly to the 19th century.

Several aspects are inherently connected with Karlovy Vary. In addition to the healing springs and the iconic drink Becherovka, a prominent feature is the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and the Spa Hotel Thermal, which are very closely linked.

The four-star Spa Hotel Thermal cannot be missed while visiting Karlovy Vary and discovering the healing power of its mineral springs. The typical brutalist building of Věra and Vladimír Machonin looks out over the bustle of the spa town and is a focal point of the city centre. Its history dates back to the 1960s. Already in the first sketches of the project, Mr and Mrs Machonin knew that the hotel would be hosting a film festival, and so a key attribute of film - the film projector – was included in the original floor plan of the building. Following its completion in 1976, the hotel became the main venue of the IFF, which will be held for the 55th time this year.

You can stay all year round at the hotel. In terms of numbers, the hotel offers 530 beds in 273 rooms across a total of 16 floors. There are single and double rooms, as well as large apartments. You can choose from rooms with balconies overlooking the spa area of ​​Karlovy Vary or rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the adjacent park. In the hotel restaurant you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet tables with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes, mostly consisting of Czech cuisine, but also international.

Guests can make use of the services of the Balneo Wellness Centre with a swimming pool, whirlpool, Kneipp path or cardio zone and various types of saunas. Central to the hotel, however, are its spa treatment stays. Thanks to its connection to the healing springs, the hotel offers treatment under the supervision of its own physicians, physiotherapists and balneologists for patients with digestive tract diseases, metabolic disorders and movement problems.

The size of the hotel is ideal for conferences. With a total capacity of over 2,000 seats, it is one of the largest congress hotels in the Czech Republic. There are 14 halls and lounges. The largest and best-known of them, the Great Hall with 1,148 seats, was put into operation as early as 1976. To ensure quality acoustics in the hall, its walls are lined with natural slate. During our visit, we had the opportunity to experience the Great Hall all by ourselves. Taken aback by its sheer size and magnificence, the large stage and endless rows of red and luxuriously comfortable seats, we remained in silent astonishment.

The hotel has lived through a lot, having felt the ravages of time. Fortunately, the hotel is currently undergoing complete refurbishment, which should be completed next year. In addition to new rooms, we can also look forward to the reopening of the swimming pool complex.

The fame of the hotel has spread throughout the world. You will, therefore, meet many foreign guests here, for which the hotel provides not only plenty of comfort, but also an ideal starting point for exploring the city. Karlovy Vary offers plenty of enjoyment and naming all of its attractions would take a while. We must mention, however, the spa buildings and several colonnades with the most famous Vřídelní kolonáda (Hot Spring Colonnade) and the largest hot spring, Vřídlo. Those who would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city at least for a moment, can take the Diana cable car to the lookout tower of the same name. From up there you will see Karlovy Vary at your fingertips, and the noise of the city will cease. From here you have several options for a walk. We recommend stopping for a bite at the restaurant Jelení skok, from which it is only a few steps to the lookout gazebo Kristýna.

Take a trip to the famous Spa Hotel Thermal and experience the refined atmosphere of this beautiful spa town.

Top 3:

      - Congress facilities for more than 2000 people

- The venue of the International Film Festival

- Spa stays under the guidance of experienced doctors


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