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Aktualizováno: 11. 9. 2019

The next stop on our journey across favourite Czech hotels was Park Golf and Conference Park Hradec Králové. Having no experience with golf, under normal circumstances we would have most likely passed this wonderful hotel by. As we soon discovered, however, that would have been a big mistake. At first glance it may seem that Park Golf and Conference Park Hradec Králové are only suited to golf lovers and if you aren’t a big golf fan, you will not be quite welcome here. The opposite is true. Do not hesitate to visit with friends and enjoy the pleasant locale, even if you have no golf ambitions whatsoever. You will feel more than comfortable here, as our latest experience confirmed.

Whether you are a beginner or professional golf player, Park Golf and Conference Park Hradec Králové will be the perfect place for you. As the title PLAY 9 suggests, you can enjoy a game of nine holes or just practice your shots at one of their 35 driving ranges. The idea of ‘only’ 9 holes may surprise you, but the reason is quite simple. Have you ever felt that 18 holes are just too much and take too long to get through? For this exact reason the latest trend of a half game has gained in popularity, being a more acceptable and enjoyable version for many players, while also making time for other activities. This trend has become popular here too. Part of Park Golf is also their so-called Indoor Golf course, which stays so true to the outdoor experience that you don’t have to give up your favourite hobby in the winter months. For potential players with no experience in golf, there are professional trainers here ready to teach you. There’s always something happening at the Park Golf, not only golf tournaments, but also weddings and corporate training events are regularly held here. By far the most prestigious golf tournament has become the Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup, where you can meet friends after working hours, enjoy the buzz of a golf tournament, and drive in premium Mercedes-Benz cars. And the icing on the cake is the ambassador of the tournament, who is none other than professional American golfer, Rickie Fowler.

What particularly caught our interest was the local gastronomy. From their diverse menu you would be tempted to taste just about everything. On recommendation, we ordered pork cheeks with potato puree and carrot salad. Absolutely delicious! If you’re ever driving by and have time to spare, stop by for lunch or dinner. You cannot go wrong here. After having your first bite, you are sure to return in the future. You can also enjoy your meal on the spacious and airy terrace with spectacular views. What else could you wish for?

In the hotel section of the building, you can stay in spacious double rooms with extra beds. In each of them you can relax undisturbed and watch your favourite shows on a large LED TV. With its limited number of rooms and hotel size, Park Golf and Conference Park Hradec Kralové certainly doesn’t belong in the category of "mass" facilities. On the contrary, you will appreciate the privacy and tranquillity provided in a modern and tastefully furnished environment.

The surroundings of Hradec Králové remain an unexplored destination for cycling trips. The choice of cycling paths is vast, with the possibility of refreshment along the way. For instance, you can visit the nearby Milíř lookout tower or visit the beautiful Baroque Kuks hospital. In the city, be sure to visit the Giant Aquarium or explore the universe at the local observatory and planetarium.

Mr. Hloušek - the founder of the resort - had an ambitious dream of creating a place where guests could relax, feel at ease and look forwarding to returning. In our opinion, this vision has been successfully fulfilled. We wish the Park Golf and company Park Conference much success into the future and look forward to another pleasant visit!

TOP 3:

- Great gastronomy

- Golf lessons

- Quiet environment within reach of the city

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