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What comes to mind, when you hear Žirovnice? Probably something different for everyone. Many will associate the city with the traditional production of mother of pearl buttons, others may picture the breath-taking castle. For us, it's Artaban.

The name may sound unfamiliar and exotic. For locals and tourists who love the region of Vysočina, however, it is synonymous with quality accommodation and gastronomy, inconspicuously hiding on the edge of Žirovnice Square.

The family-run hotel Artaban Hotel offers everything you may need on your holiday. Their modern rooms are very spacious, so you don’t have to make any compromises here. A thumbs up also goes for their ergonomic, custom-made mattresses, praised by many guests who have tried them. From the rooms you can either enjoy the view of the city centre or the tranquil hotel gardens in close vicinity of the castle. You may even spot the hotel’s own herb garden! If you wish to stay outside the main hotel building, choose the hotel’s dependence building. It is just a stone’s throw away and will provide you with complete privacy.

The hotel menu prides itself on honest, Czech cuisine. The chefs here will prepare your meals using exclusively local produce. You can especially look forward to Czech meat, local cheeses and smoked meats from Vysočina. The kitchen runs all year round, even on Christmas Eve! So when you don’t feel like making Christmas dinner yourself this year, there is an alternative. Order your Christmas Eve dinner at Artaban, where professional chefs will prepare all of your favourite dishes and you can then enjoy the rest of the evening around the Christmas tree at home. On this day the restaurant is open to the public until eight in the evening, as well as the bowling alley. So, when you feel like putting a new twist on your Christmas traditions, you know where to go!

On the roof of the hotel you will find a modern terrace with a bar, perfect for enjoying a few drinks and relaxing under the open sky on long summer evenings. In case of bad weather, do not hesitate to board the cruise ship. Yes, you read correctly. Inside the hotel you will find a bowling alley and bar with a nautical design. Sit on rum barrels, grab the rudder, tie the ropes and sail towards extraordinary experiences! For a quiet drink, head towards the winery. There you will find authentic Czech wines, as well as bottles from all corners of the world. Cheers!

“A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Exercise simply benefits everyone. A spacious gym is available in Artaban, including lockers and other necessary facilities. The fact that the gym is right next to the already mentioned wine cellar is also a great advantage. Everybody deserves to reward themselves after a tough work out 😊. Outdoor types will appreciate the possibility of renting bicycles and having a large selection of cycling paths in the area. For walking trips, we recommend visiting the local castle as well as nearby castles such as Červená Lhota and Hluboká. Immerse yourself in nature as well. By car, you can be in the beautiful nature reserve of Třeboň in just forty-five minutes.

At Artaban, the focus is on comfort and enjoyment of all kinds. Apart from a wide range of wellness procedures, such as a honey or chocolate massage, you can also enjoy a cosmetic treatment or visit the hair salon.

The Hotel Artaban is regularly declared the most popular hotel in the region of Vysočina, with guests returning for numerous reasons. Quality service, friendly staff, top wellness, but also spacious conference facilities for businesses. All features are underlined by the hotel’s reasonable prices. Artaban simply knows how to take care of its guests and ensure a thoroughly enjoyable holiday! We can only wish the hotel all the best, many satisfied guests and many more positive reviews.

TOP 3:

- Great food

- Quality beds with custom-made mattresses

- Pleasant prices

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