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Late evening, on the first of May—

The twilit May—the time of love.

Meltingly called the turtle-dove,

Where rich and sweet pinewoods lay.

The romantic first verse of the poem May by Karel Hynek Mácha is just as romantic as the banks of the Mácha Lake itself. Thank goodness this story is much more positive than the tragic fate of the poem’s main protagonist, Vilém.

This time we set off to the shores of the lake not for swimming and lounging on the beach, but to visit the Hotel Berg, which was crowned the absolute winner of the Wellness & Spa category in the Hotel 2019 Awards. The history of the hotel dates back to 1935. Since then, the hotel has undergone several renovations.

You can stay in different room categories, all of which meet the four-star standard. In addition to classic single and double rooms, there are also double rooms with a balcony or terrace, junior suites or apartments. The rooms are named after famous Czech composers. Is the connection between Berg and music purely coincidental? Quite the opposite. The owner, Tomáš Čermák, is a descendant of Antonín Dvořák himself, and so the close relationship to music is more than clear here. ☺

The hotel has gained fame mainly for its wellness facilities, which span out over a total area of ​​750 m², making it one of the largest in our country. It is then divided into two parts, the Private Spa Wellness and Wellness Therapy.

In addition to typical wellness activities such as the hot tub or sauna, you can indulge in unusual procedures such as soda baths, hammam wraps or balneotherapy. In the private wellness area, you can also enjoy a drink at the pool bar. A pleasant new addition is the Wine Wellness - wine packs, massages, as well as a wine bath! In our opinion, a worthy contender next to beer procedures. ;-)

Thanks to its ideal location nearby Prague, Hotel Berg is a favourite among business clients who visit here all year round. Currently the hotel offers a congress hall for up to 85 people, but also plans a substantial expansion in the near future.

Another great advantage of the hotel is its restaurant. In the menu, you will find both classic Czech dishes and Mediterranean cuisine with a particular focus on Italian dishes. We tried the goose broth to counteract the cold weather and it was delicious. Such a soup will get you back on your feet. In addition to tasty dishes, you would also find another speciality at the hotel, namely a collection of 13,000 bottles of wine in the local wine cellar. Given that the owner is a professional sommelier, you can be sure that if you have a glass (or two), it will be a first-class wine of the appropriate quality.

Staré Splavy and the surroundings of the Mácha Lake invite a whole list of activities. In summer, you can enjoy the potential of this large water body to the maximum. In addition to swimming, you can rent pedal or regular boats and discover all the romantic nooks of the lakeside. Those who enjoy a dose of adrenaline will surely appreciate the possibility of sailing and windsurfing. The picturesque nature is also ideal for hiking or cycling, but also for horseback riding. Though it may get quite busy in the high season, it is surprisingly calm and quiet in the off-season.

So do not hesitate and book your stay at the Hotel Berg, which regularly ranks among the top hotels of the year.

TOP 3:

- A wide selection of wellness services in a large area of 750 m²

- Delicious meals in the hotel restaurant

- Winery with 13,000 bottles of the best wines from all over the world

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