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We simply love the mountains. Mountains in the winter, mountains in the summer, mountains whenever the opportunity arises. So we were more than pleased when we got the chance to head out to our favourite Jizera Mountains or „Jizerky,“ located in the north near the Polish border.

On arriving in the town of Tanvald, we were welcomed by the Bon Hotel. Yes, the 30+ generation may pay some attention here. It’s no ordinary name. Previously, a hotel called Tuzex was in the same building. This made it easy for the present owners, two brothers, to give their new hotel a name - Bon. The owners of the hotel are renaissance men, successful in many fields. The Hotel Bon is their youngest “child,” which they care for with love, but also a firm hand, while ensuring that every guest is leaving satisfied and that the hotel and its restaurant are popular and frequently visited destinations.

The hotel has undergone a two-year full renovation and is enjoying its fifth year of being up and running. According to the owners, the hotel was lucky from the beginning to find such quality staff, including a great chef, whom we tested out for ourselves. The local cuisine is modern and based on fresh ingredients, so no ready-made, processed meals. Their specialty is preparation using the sous-vide method. We tasted the chicken supreme with mashed potatoes and we can only recommend it. Guests can enjoy both half board and a la carte options. Curious to peek under the lid of all the action? By all means! The hotel's kitchen is deliberately open, so that guests can see with what care (and cleanliness!) their dishes are being prepared.

There are two types of rooms to choose from at the hotel - Standard and Comfort. The rooms are cosy, decorated in warm colour tones and, most importantly, they are spacious, which is a big plus for hotel rooms. The owners have had furniture custom-made for the specific purposes of the hotel. For couples of all ages, the hotel has prepared attractive stay packages. Due to the large capacity of the hotel (89 beds) the hotel is also suitable for corporate events and parties. Their large lounge with 145 seats is ideal for both business and wedding parties. With such capacities, it is no wonder the Bon hotel was the right choice of accommodation for the actors and entire film crew during the making of the fairy tale, The Midsummer Wreath.

The Hotel Bon has a very strategic location. Skiers will appreciate that the hotel Bon is located only six kilometers from the ski resort Tanvaldský Špičák, making it the closest hotel around. We also recommend visiting the village of Jizerka, the nearby Harrachov, the Liberec zoo, Jablonec nad Nisou, known for its glass production and jewellery or the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve. Whether you visit Bon in the summer or winter, you will appreciate the private wellness area with a hot tub, sauna and massage room. The hotel also features two bowling alleys, as well as an electric bike rental service.

If you would like to discover the beauty of the Jizera Mountains, you know where to stay. You are guaranteed quality accommodation, honest cooking and welcoming staff, who are looking forward to your nearest visit.

TOP 6:

-  both strategic and quiet location

- modern kitchen

- tailor-made furniture

- fully-renovated complex

- private wellness

- two bowling alleys

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