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If you’re in search of some luxury on your next trip to Prague, but aren’t sure which hotel to choose from the wide range of options available, continue reading and you may just have your answer. We have another tip for you, this time a five-star hotel standing between the Vltava river and the Anděl shopping zone.

If you’re not a big fan of modern, urban hotels, where one room is a copy of the other, you may appreciate this boutique hotel with a historical atmosphere. The Hotel General Prague has been up and running since 2007 and offers 20 uniquely furnished rooms of various sizes. All rooms, including bathrooms, are spacious and comfortable. As the name of the hotel suggests, the interiors of the rooms are inspired by famous generals and commanders from around the world and their lives, such as Napoleon, Caesar and Albrecht of Wallenstein.

At the Hotel General they are well aware of the vast competition that lurks on almost every corner in Prague. All the more they try to pamper their guests and take great pride in their personal approach to each visitor. An advantage is their smaller capacity, which gives the staff more space to accommodate their guests in every way, knowing that even a warm smile from a receptionist and helpful advice on where to go in Prague will go far in making your stay fully satisfying.

The Hotel Gerenal has its own restaurant, Viva Victoria, which offers both international cuisine, Czech classics such as duck with dumplings or a hearty stew, as well as seasonal and special offers. You can also sit in the local wine bar, where you can choose from a wide selection of wines and cocktails. At home we often rush through our breakfasts, but like to indulge when on holiday. For this reason, in addition to the standard breakfast, you can also order a la carte here. We are confident that everyone will find a meal that fits their taste.

A common weakness of Prague hotels, especially those closer to the centre, is the lack of parking spaces. If you still prefer to travel by car, parking on the streets of Prague can be quite expensive. Hotel General is easily accessible by public transport from all over Prague, but they are also ready to “accommodate” your car in their private covered car park.

The Hotel General has a conference room available, for organising birthday parties, weddings, presentations or other social gatherings that you may wish to host here. The historical interior of the hotel can also be inspiring for various themed parties. You can also improve your stay at the hotel by visiting their relaxing sauna.

The hotel aims to give you “more than what you paid for”, so that you leave with the feeling of having been royally taken care of and that your stay was worth every penny. Try it yourself and feel free to make your demands heard. At the General Hotel, they are at the ready and more than happy to fulfil your “orders” ☺.

Top 3:

- Personal approach

- Exceeds expectations (more value for money)

- Quality restaurant (new chef)

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