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When we learned that our next stop on our journey to the best Czech hotels was the hotel Kašperk, we jumped for joy. Not only did we have a winner in the four-star category in the Plzeň Region, but also an absolute winner in this category in the Czech Republic. The journey through the beautiful Šumava nature set the tone for an enjoyable visit and we were looking forward to finding out why guests at the Kašperk Hotel feel so welcome there and like to return.

You will find the Hotel Kašperk on the square of Kašperské Hory. An unobtrusive, but stylish house, which manages to combine tradition with modern design elegantly. The hotel was opened in 1909, but the history of the building dates back to the Middle Ages, when the same place used to be a tavern for merchants on the Golden Route.

Their motto, ‘your second home in Šumava,’ is reflected in the overall running of the hotel and we are sure that the hotel’s guests would confirm its validity. The guest is at the centre of attention here and hotel personnel will make sure you feel truly ‘at home’.

Do not except hotel key cards here. Tradition is important at the Kašperk, so upon arrival at the reception desk you will receive a key to one of their 24 rooms. King of Šumava, Kašperk, Markéta, Vydra, Křemelná or perhaps Luzný. Each room is unique and carries a different name – always after one of the famous attractions in the area such as mountain peaks, watercourses, important personalities of Šumava or monuments. In each room you will find information about the namesake in framed pictures, serving as inspiration for one of your trips.

If you’re heading out to Kašperk, look forward to top-notch gastronomy, which is undoubtedly the pride of the hotel. The menu at the Art Nouveau restaurant St. Markéta is changed according to the season. You can taste both classic Šumava dishes such as kulajda or mushroom ragout, as well as international cuisine. After long consideration, we opted for the grilled pineapple and an atypical muffin from their own production. Both perfect! Quality food, support of local suppliers and an individual approach to all guests have earned the restaurant its rightful place on the Gastromap of Lukáš Hejlík.

An undisputed attraction of the Kašperk is the swimming pool. You may be wondering what could be so special about a swimming pool, which has by now become a hotel standard, rather than ‘icing on the cake’. Nevertheless, you are sure to fall in love with the Kašperk relax & aqua zone. The heated swimming pool offers a unique view of both the Church of St. Margaret, as well as the hills of Šumava. You can also enjoy a Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi or a Fijian massage Matamanoa.

When you’ve explored all the hotel has to offer, head out into the surrounding area. Šumava itself is a guarantee of a well-spent holiday. The Kašperk Mountains are located in the so-called Šumava castle trio or ‘trojhradí’ - they are surrounded by the castles of Velhartice, Rabí and directly in the vicinity of the Kašperk Castle. These magnificent buildings will transport you for a moment to the days of medieval knights and their charming ladies. And when you’re filled up on culture, take a long walk to the Šumava National Park, where you can clear your mind with fresh nature air. If you are traveling with children, we also recommend visiting the nearby wolf enclosure in Srní.

If you want to be close to nature while not lowering your standards for accommodation, then the award-winning hotel Kašperk is the right choice for you. Visit and see for yourself! ☺ .


-Easily accessible location with attractions in the area – Šumava National Park and the Šumava castles known as ‘trojhradí’

- Great for sports - cycling, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing

- First class gastronomy

- Hotel swimming pool with a view of the landscape

- Nature

- Historical sights


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