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Kadaň, formerly a royal town, is situated between the Krušné Mountains, the Doupov Hills and the waterfront with the adorable name, “Maxipes Fík Embankment”. The link between this place and the popular fairy-tale character is no mystery. The author of the fairy tale about the dog Max, Rudolf Čechura, and the actor Josef Dvořák who lent Fík his voice, lived in Kadaň for many years, thus inspiring the city to use the popular name when creating the new concept of the waterfront promenade.

You’re probably wondering how this information is of any relevance. Are we not going to talk about another great hotel in the Czech Republic today? Rest assured, we will. Hotel Split, our newest destination, is located in Kadaň on the waterfront of Maxipes Fík. If you’ve grown out of fairy tales but would like to know which hotels to look out for while exploring the many beauties of our country, read on.

The construction of the hotel began on the site of the original Split restaurant in 1994. In 2011 it took the form of two interconnected buildings, as seen today. The hotel consists of 23 rooms and 6 spacious suites. The owner had a clear vision of what the rooms and the hotel as a whole should look like, from the type and shape of furniture to the colour scheme. In collaboration with the architects, the main goal was to create timeless and modern rooms where guests would feel comfortable, whether they are visiting for the weekend or coming to Split on business for a longer time. This goal was definitely achieved, in our opinion. The rooms are spacious and airy, and you will especially love the terraces overlooking the river. It was a shame the weather at the time of our visit wasn’t great, as we could already see ourselves with our feet up, enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the terrace, in the privacy of our own room.

Water in the river Ohře is only for the brave, but if you want to relax in the water, you can visit the hotel wellness. In addition to the massage pool, you will also find a steam bath, a Finnish sauna and a Kneipp path. Looking for a massage? Not a problem. Additionally, a longer stay at the hotel will not only take care of your body, but also your clothes. The hotel also has its own laundry facilities.

While the hotel Split is slightly secluded, close to nature and enjoys a view of the calm stream of the Ohře river, you can reach the city in 10 minutes by foot. Another reason for the hotel’s popularity is its guarded parking, cleanliness and large capacity. This makes it a frequented location by various groups, from yogis to hockey players, who are travelling to Kadaň.

Much like the rest of the hotel, the Split restaurant and its outdoor garden are also overlooking the river. With such a view, the pleasure of breakfast, which is included in the price of accommodation, reaches a whole new level. If you need an enclosed space for business or social events, the restaurant offers a lounge for 15 people. If there are more guests coming, you can also book the restaurant just for you. You can also sit in the adjacent park. And to add to their list of perfect places to enjoy a meal or a drink, the hotel plans to open an outdoor bar next year.

What is there to do around the Hotel Split? We have a couple tips in mind. The Maxipes Fík embankment mentioned earlier, is ideal for walking, running, inline skating or cycling. The bike path leads to Klášterec nad Ohří or Žatec on the opposite side. You can also rent a boat and experience the Ohře river directly. Explore Kadaň and you can see the narrowest street in the country, the castle of Kadaň or a small-scale version of the astronomical clock. In nearby Žatec, visit the Temple of Hops and Beer. In summer, look out for the popular music festival Vysmáté léto and in the winter season enjoy skiing in Klínovec.

Each hotel is unique in its own way. We fell in love with Hotel Split for its tranquillity and views of the river, which carries a different charm with every season. We visited in autumn, which is considered by some to be the gloomiest part of the year. Believe us, when you sit on the terrace of your room at Hotel Split, wrapped in a blanket and a cup of tea in your hand, gazing at the vibrant palette of colours that only nature can prepare, suddenly autumn may just become your favourite. We are looking forward to returning to Split at another time of the year and discover what else Split and its surroundings have to offer.

Top 3:

- A view of the river

- Spacious rooms

- A personal approach


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