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We love places with long and engaging histories. The village of Branná, previously named Goldenstein or Kolštejn, is no exception. First mentions of the town date back to the year 1282. Today, it carries its name after the river that flows directly through it.

Upon entering the main square, you will spot a lovely fountain, surrounded by two inconspicuous, but very similar yellow buildings. Leaving them unnoticed would be a great shame, as we found out. In the first house you will find the Wellness Hotel Kolštejn *** Superior, which was originally a local school. The second building, dating back to 1325, houses the Hotel Garni Kolštejn. Together they form the Relax Centre Kolštejn, which is celebrating its tenth birthday this year.

For centuries, our ancestors have understood the power of herbs and how to utilize it for healing. This age-old practice remains popular here at Kolštejn, too. Their connection with nature is evident in many respects. Using natural materials, elements such as fire and water and relaxing music, a unique spa centre has been created, to which guests regularly return. It is thanks to their first-class wellness, aptly named Vital World, that the Hotel Kolštejn enjoys its great popularity. Once you enter this haven, you will not want to leave. You are sure to choose more than one favourite from their wide range of procedures. Would you prefer a salt, herbal or Celtic sauna, or perhaps the tepidarium? The largest sauna complex in Jeseníky is fully at your disposal. To cleanse the body and mind, enjoy a soak in the FITODAR steam herbal tub or herbal bubble bath. Just choose an aromatic blend of herbs and relax, undisturbed. Couples may especially want to enjoy this romantic atmosphere with their significant other by candlelight and with a bottle of sparkling wine. In this case, be sure to book the private wellness while it’s available.

In the Vital World complex, you will find a particular rarity known as the Wellness Tearoom, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. It is also self-service! In the Potions Hall, you can create and brew your own mixture of herbs, treating your body to a cleanse from the inside as well. In the hotel pharmacy you can buy all sorts of medicinal products and mixtures from the hotel’s herbalist.

But let’s move on from herbs. At Kolštejn, they have also learned how to please the taste buds of their many guests by reviving an age-old tradition and setting up their own microbrewery since 2013. Their local beer is served directly at the Kolštejn restaurant, but you can also take it with you to enjoy at home. Their selection consists mainly of lagers, but you will also find several, less common specimens. Kolštejn’s production is founded on honesty - their beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered and free of preservatives, dyes or stabilizers. This way, the beer retains all its beneficial substances. The all-star of the Kolštejn brewery is the twelve-degree Bran beer. Guided tasting tours are regularly held at the brewery, bringing you closer to the history of brewing law and acquainting you with the techniques and procedures of the production process itself. Of course, the joy of beer also involves good food. The restaurant serves Czech cuisine and a variety of regional dishes. Additionally, their large offer of beer baths, wraps and massages also proves how serious they are about their beer here.

Just a few steps from the hotel, you will find a castle and the ruins of the Kolštejn fortress. In the summer, Branná is a wonderful starting point for tourist and cycling trips, in the winter months it is also ideal for heading out to the nearby ski centres, Ramzová, Petříkov and Šerák. Electric bicycles and scooters are available for rent directly at the hotel. When indoors, you can also enjoy their top-quality bowling alley.

The range of services available at the hotel is vast and will satisfy all age categories, couples and families with children alike. For companies, they also have two large conference rooms available.

Don’t hesitate and book your accommodation in comfortable and modern rooms today!

TOP 3:

- One of the best wellness centres in Czech Republic

- Their own brewery

- Suitable for all age categories

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