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Today we will remember a particularly pleasant stay. In the middle of September, the month of Indian summers, we visited Bubeneč in Prague. Here, in one of the most beautiful locations in Prague, lies the Hotel Schwaiger.

The hotel has been reopened after a total renovation in 2017 and now provides the full comfort of a four-star hotel. The history of the building, however, reaches all the way back to the 1840s! The years gone by have breathed an unmistakable atmosphere into the place. The hotel is decorated in the First Republic style. Not surprisingly, given today's hotel Schwaiger, then known as villa Klára, was visited by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk himself! We trust you will feel great here.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, it was clear to us that the place would win us over. Clean lines, earth tones, plenty of light, quality furniture, high ceilings and a pleasant hotel smell… we could go on. It is when these details come together that they create a lasting memory of a unique hotel experience.

Each of their 22 rooms is one of a kind. You will simply not find two rooms that look the same, which is indeed one reason to return to the hotel and try something new every time. The rooms are air conditioned, non-smoking and equipped with wi-fi. Particularly cosy are the attic rooms with skylights. We believe that even the most demanding clientele will find a room that meets their needs. Those looking for more privacy and tranquility away from the hotel building can stay in the Garden Junior Suite - a 35 m² room with its own entrance from the garden.

A significant advantage of the hotel is the restaurant V Zahradě, not only for its excellent dishes, but also for its unconventional and very cosy appearance. Large windows ensure a flow of sunlight and don’t block the view onto the spacious restaurant terrace. They specialize in modern Czech cuisine here, with ingredients from predominantly local farms. The fact that Czech cuisine is very popular here is evidenced by the popularity of thematic events held regularly in the restaurant. Come to their Řízkobraní (Schintzel fest) or take part in a duel of the sauces – a traditional dill sauce or ‚svíčková‘ (sirloin in a creamy root vegetable sauce). If you are a wine lover, you should also not miss the local winery.

Today, finding a dog-friendly hotel is not always an easy task. At the hotel Schwaiger, furry four-legged friends are always welcome, so accomodating both you and your dog is not a problem. What is more, right behind the hotel is the spacious park Stromovka. So, long walks and games of fetch are just a few minutes away. If you don’t have a canine partner to accompany you outdoors, make use of the hotel’s sports equipment and take a ride around Prague on an electrobike, for instance.

At the hotel Schwaiger, it is their utmost priority that their staff are helpful and accommodating. We personally saw the hotel’s receptionist in action, giving an exhaustive explanation of things to do in Prague to foreign guests – from hotel services, transport around the city and currency exchange to the most interesting places to visit – all with a smile on his face. So, if this is your first time in Prague, you can be sure that apart from beautiful accommodation facilities, you can expect useful tips for making the most of your stay.

The hotel is a favourite among Czech and Slovak guests alike, but has gained particular acclaim from our German neighbours or Russian clientele.

It is no wonder the owners have big plans for the hotel. We can already tell you that you can look forward to a private wellness! We are curious to see what the hotel has in store for us in the coming years and we are sure that this wasn’t our last visit.

TOP 4:

- high-quality rooms - comfortable beds

- delicious breakfasts

- friendly staff

- quiet area away from tourism

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