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In the centre of Prague, every tourist is surrounded by countless options to rest their head for a few days. If, however, the choice of accommodation is as important to you as the choice of the destination itself and phrases such as “it’s just for the night” go in one ear and out the other, then look for the inconspicuous house number 20 in Dittrichova street, with a sand coloured facade and a small plate with the silhouette of a ballerina. Welcome to the La Ballerina Hotel!

Just like places, houses also have their own unique history. This townhouse with several apartments had originally been transformed into a hotel with the fitting name Fashion Dancing Hotel, due to the proximity of the Dancing House and the State Opera somewhat further away. In keeping with the title, the interior was adorned with ballet photographs. When its hotel days were coming to an end and the new owner - the current owner of the Alchymist Luxury Group - came to see the premises, he looked at the photos and exclaimed: "Oooh, ballerina!!" It was clear. He liked the house so much that he decided to continue its hotel tradition, added the hotel to his Alchymist portfolio and kept its distinct dance theme. In 2014, the hotel received not only a new name, but also a light urban design with which it enjoys great popularity. You can continue to enjoy life-size photos of ballet dancers both in the hotel's public areas and in the rooms.

The hotel has a total of 31 rooms and suites of several categories and unique styles. The most affordable are their deluxe rooms, decorated in urban style. Look for more spacious rooms in the Ballerina line, two of which bear the nickname “romantic”. They are painted in Bordeaux tones and the ceiling and window frames are embellished with ornaments. For couples and romantic stays, it is the ideal choice! The hotel offers apartments in two alternatives – the City Suite and the Royal Room. The Royal Room also has a terrace overlooking Prague Castle and two bedrooms with separate bathrooms. We were impressed by the different room styles, as well as the colour variations on different floors. The first floor is dominated by a timeless combination of black, white and grey. The second floor boasts lively red tones, perfect for romance and artists. The third floor with its yellow colour exudes harmony and brightness. Breakfast is always included in the room price, so you don't have to go out into the city on an empty stomach.

Speaking of food, definitely do not miss the hotel restaurant San Carlo! “La vera Pizza Napoletana” or “real Neapolitan pizza” is the star of the entire menu, made according to a traditional Italian recipe from fresh ingredients. In addition to pizzas, you can sample many Neapolitan dishes.

The hotel has an undoubtedly ideal location. Check out the local bars and restaurants with friends or head to the popular Rašínovo embankment waterfront known as “náplavka”. The Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square or the National Museum are just a few minutes’ walk away. The hotel is easily accessible by public transport throughout Prague. If you’re travelling by car, you can make use of the garage next to the street. Just keep in mind, when exploring the beauties of Prague in the comfort of your own car in the wider city centre, expect paid parking.

The hotel prides itself on a personal and individual approach to each guest and strives to meet all requirements and wishes. This is one of the reasons why guests from all corners of the world return to the hotel repeatedly. The hotel is most popular with guests from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium, to name a few, who prefer a simple, but modern and light style of accommodation.

La Ballerina perfectly combines the comfort of a five-star hotel with elegance, timelessness, individuality and uniqueness. We believe that you will love the hotel and it will win you over as it did us.


Top 4:

- A personal approach

- Ideal location in the city centre

- Real Neapolitan pizza

- Courtyard garden


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