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Aktualizováno: 29. 8. 2019

If you’re ever visiting Southern Moravia, be sure to include Mikulov as one of your destinations. A city that will make such an impression on you that you will start thinking of ways to stay forever. And then you will find yourself at the best address. And where is that exactly? Well, at the Boutique Hotel Tanzberg, of course. Right under the castle in the old Jewish quarters, in a house that used to be the provincial rabbinate and home of the creator of the mythical Golem himself, Rabi Löw. The owner of the Boutique Hotel Tanzberg has managed to make use of all these aspects to the maximum. We were especially taken away by their quality of services, helpful and friendly staff and particularly the delicious food, courtesy of the kitchen run by well-known chef, Marcel Ihnačák. After enjoying a wonderful meal, you can rent a bike or scooter and explore the beauties of the Pálava region. And when you return, you will have made enough room in your stomach for all the dishes you didn’t get to try the first time around.

The Boutique Hotel Tanzberg, however, contains other hidden gems, specifically in its cellars. There treasure awaits all wine lovers and newcomers to the world of wine alike. The tasting cellar at the Boutique Hotel Tanzberg offers 63 types of select wines from local winemakers. And if Pálava is famous for anything, it is its incredible local wine production. In short, if you’re coming out of this cellar and not singing odes to the local family wineries, you should probably go back down and discover this well-known fact at the bottom of another glass.

And when sunset approaches, make your way towards the castle. The hill on which the castle stands offers a wonderful view that will imprint itself firmly in your memory, giving you no choice, but to return for a visit soon. Whether you’re just going for the weekend or taking a week-long family holiday, the Boutique Hotel Tanzberg serves as an excellent starting point for your wanders around Mikulov and its surrounding area.

TOP 3:

- Wonderful location of the Mikulov city centre

- Exquisite restaurant

- Hotel parking lot with charging point for electric vehicles

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