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Aktualizováno: 15. 8. 2019

If, when travelling, you enjoy being at the centre of it all, then this article may be the perfect inspiration for you. The heart of Prague is undoubtedly Wenceslas Square. The top of the square now attracts its visitor’s attention with the beautifully renovated National Museum, but the bottom half has something new to offer as well. Follow us to the newly opened Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague, the latest addition to the Pytloun hotel chain, welcoming guests since August of last year. A delicious breakfast in stylish surroundings or bathing in a glass bathroom right in the middle of your hotel room are just glimpses of what this hotel has to offer.

A reception desk, bar and buffet with a wide variety of choices… All to be expected at a quality hotel. The Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague is no exception. What makes this hotel exceptional, however, is the fusion of all these elements into one. If the last thing you want is to roam the hotel halls there and back just to prolong your room reservation, enjoy a cup of coffee or get a recommendation for a quality wellness salon in the area, then you will surely appreciate this hotel’s philosophy of having everything you need in one place.

In one room you will find a reception desk, which also serves as a bar and an open kitchen. Skilled chefs prepare an array of breakfast dishes here, as well as various snacks to be enjoyed throughout the day. You can watch the chefs as they work their magic and perhaps learn a thing or two about how professionals prepare the perfect scrambled eggs or bake a home-made pie. The pie is a must-try! Part of the kitchen is also an open storage space, so you can examine the exact ingredients used to prepare your breakfast. This is, in short, an honest kitchen, where you can be sure of the foods you’re eating.

Perhaps you’ve experienced staying at a sleek, modern hotel, where everything was in top shape, but somehow you didn’t feel quite comfortable. One of the hardest tasks of a hotelier is creating the atmosphere of a hotel, where its guests feel at once uniquely cared for and “at home”.

That is why the owner of the Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague himself has played a major part in designing the interior. You will find custom-made furniture, as well as various design pieces. Surely you would agree that you feel truly comfortable at a hotel, where personal relationships and your comfort are their top priorities. Would you ever consider sending a postcard to a hotel where you stayed? Probably not. At the Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague, however, they’ve received quite a collection already.

At the hotel you can choose from 54 rooms with views of the courtyard, Wenceslas Square or sections of the Franciscan Garden. Since Wenceslas Square is a busy street, we were surprised how quiet the view from the balcony is, particularly from the higher stories. And the view!?

In all rooms you will find comfortable twin or double beds, as well as a Nespresso coffee machine and lighting with adjustable colour and intensity. Particularly surprising is the convertible sofa that can be turned into a bunk bed within seconds, a pleasant addition we hadn’t seen before. So, whether you are travelling with children or your significant other, you are guaranteed all the comfort you need.

Almost 97% of the hotel’s visitors areforeign guests, which comes as no surprise given the ideal location of the hotel. Apart from being right in the city centre where historical sights, shops and restaurants are all just a few steps away, the hotel staff are happy to recommend many other places to visit in the wider area. All services are carefully tried and tested by the hotel, so whether you want to go for a massage, to the sauna or try local or international cuisine, allow the hotel staff to advise you.

In the future, the hotel plans to expand with the construction of a sky bar and café on the hotel’s roof. Knowing how many exceptional views the hotel offers, this is surely an experience to look forward to. All in all, if you plan to visit Prague and aren’t sure which hotel to choose, we can gladly recommend the Pytloun Boutique Hotel Prague.


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