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Aktualizováno: 29. 8. 2019

A fairy-tale story gave birth to a place with such soulful beauty and family atmosphere that it enchants everyone who opens their heart to it. For 130 years the Quisisana Palace of Karlovy Vary has been a dream come true and has done perfect justice to its name. “A place where one heals oneself” is the translation of the name of this favourite five-star hotel of the Karlovy Vary region. Do you wish to feel like an honoured guest of one of the most influential families in the Golden age of a spa town? Then you are at the right address.

It began with the story of an accomplished businessman from a wealthy family, who decided to build his lover a building so grandiose that it would eliminate the slightest doubt of his love for her. The gesture of a big man, which Anton Pupp, the leading figure of the fourth generation of the Pupp family, undoubtedly was.

And so in 1887, on a rocky terrace, the construction of the magnificent Quisisana palace commenced, serving as the family residence of the married couple where distinguished guests and family friends were welcomed with open arms. Rich stucco décor, gold frame mirrors, luxurious furniture and absolute comfort all make up the image of the palace, which to this day enchants its guests with its atmosphere. We were equally enchanted, namely by its manager Václav Vítek, who is the perfect face and soul of the Quisisana Palace.

Impeccable service, a family approach and the feeling that nothing is impossible are felt at the Quisisana Palace with every step. The careful reconstruction of the hotel to the very last detail has rediscovered the shine and charm of this historical jewel. A total of nineteen luxurious rooms and apartments, top-class gastronomy of the Café – Restaurant Quisisana and a modern wellness salon will assure every guest in search of relaxation that he has come to the right place.

Whether you are travelling with children, have come to play golf or wish to taste the healing springs of Karlovy Vary, at the Quisisana Palace you will forget the mundaneness of life and will allow yourself to be pampered as you deserve to be.

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