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Aktualizováno: 15. 8. 2019

In the words of Alexander Sergejevich Pushkin, “the feeling of healing is among the most pleasant”. And where better to achieve the feeling of spiritual and physical health than in a hotel, which has been awarded the title of favourite four-star hotel in the Karlovy Vary region.

If you are interested in the experience of a unique spa retreat in the close vicinity of the Vřídlo hot spring and the beautiful Market Colonnade, then you must visit the Hotel Romance Pushkin, located right in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary.

Stylish rooms and apartments decorated with Italian furniture highlight the romantic atmosphere of the entire hotel. Views from the balcony of the surrounding historical buildings, the Castle Tower and the colonnade are like medicine for the soul and a treat for the eyes.

Should you also want some healing for your body, the Hotel Romance will take care of you and arrange tailored spa treatments at The Castle Spa, which is located right opposite the hotel building.

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