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If you’re in love and are looking for a romantic place to relax with your significant other, you should consider the picturesque city of Tábor. There you will find a hotel with romance already in its name, that is the Romantic Hotel Eleanora. Though we visited the hotel on a girls’ trip we were enchanted no less. The hotel is located in a quiet part of town, surrounded by greenery and silence, which is only interrupted by the soft hum of the river Lužnice, a sound that will lull you into a dreamy sleep. In short, a gentle caress for the romantic soul.

Not so long ago, you would find the hotel under the name Žižkovy lázně. However, given the unique atmosphere of the place and particularly the nearby healing springs of St. Eleanora, the hotel’s owners chose a name that is closer to home.

Thanks to its location, the hotel is a popular, sought-after location for wedding ceremonies and celebrations, which comes as no surprise. You can plan your wedding here at any time of the year and thanks to the hotel’s smaller size, you can reserve the entire hotel for total privacy. The hotel contains a large lounge where ceremonies are usually held, especially the weather conditions are worse. The hotel staff will prepare everything, from the ceremony, catering and accommodation, to floral decorations. In short, you and your guests will be in professional and very caring hands. Engaged couples can especially look forward to the new birch wedding arch, spacious terrace, garden and enough room for all their close ones. Plans for a new gazebo are also underway. One more reason to host a wedding right here. As a gift, newlyweds also receive a night in the wedding suite, free of charge. A perfect opportunity for celebrating your anniversary or as a reminder of your special day.

A rich selection of hotel services awaits all guests, whether or not they are planning a wedding. At the hotel you will find 14 rooms ensuring maximum comfort, most of them with a tranquil view of the river. If you are heading to Tábor on business, an indisputable advantage is the large hotel parking lot, saving you the search for spaces in the city centre. Wi-fi connection is a given, of course. However, if you’re looking to switch off and catch up on much-needed rest, the hotel Eleanor is the right place for you. Handcrafted beds by Aston and the babbling river beneath your window will provide the ideal setting for a restful sleep. You can also relax in the infrared sauna or soothing hemp bath. You can also pamper yourself with hemp cosmetics in your hotel room or buy them to use at home. In the future, the hotel plans to expand its range of wellness procedures.

After a long night’s sleep, nothing will satisfy your appetite more than the hotel’s abundant breakfast buffet. In the hotel restaurant, which is open from Friday to Sunday, you can also enjoy a delicious meal throughout the day. Should you wish to visit the hotel restaurant on other days of the week, you will surely not be left to starve. The menu consists of natural ingredients without additives, in keeping with a healthy lifestyle. A wide selection of vegetarian dishes is also included. For those ready to indulge, we recommend trying their baked ribs or homemade pancakes. The hotel also prides itself in its own herb and flower garden. The fruits of their gardening skills can not only be tasted on the plate, but also seen in the vases displayed on the dining tables.

The location of the hotel has plenty to offer. While the hotel’s setting may give the impression of a quaint village, the city is just a stone’s throw away and caters to everyone. The beautiful city of Tábor itself provides hours of romantic walks through the streets of its historical centre. There is plenty to do for children, too. For instance, have you been to the museum of Lego, chocolate or the local zoo?

You can also decide to stay at the hotel and relax in peace. A view of the river is different with each season, but always breath-taking. If your significant other happens to be a passionate angler, you can enjoy watching them by the river from the comfort of the hotel terrace, drink in hand. On hotter days, the river is also a great place to cool off. If you prefer staying warm and dry, like we did, you may prefer the nearby boat rental. Runners will also appreciate the beautiful trail along the river. No matter what your speed is, you are sure to return to the hotel refreshed and energized.

Come and enjoy a truly romantic getaway for yourself.

TOP 3:

- A calm oasis surrounded by nature, that is also near the city

- Ideal for weddings

- Friendly and professional service

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