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Aktualizováno: 29. 8. 2019

The journey from Prague was long, but in just a couple of hours we arrived in the picturesque village of Čeladná. There, in the middle of forests, stands the mountain hotel Čeladenka**** surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Beskid Mountains as far as the eye can see. Immediately words like “relaxing” and “tranquil” come to mind. Čeladenka feels like the right place for one to completely switch off. And don’t worry, you’re in capablehands when you do so.

We met the hotel manager, Lukáš Martinisko, who introduced Čeladenka to us from A to Z. From his engaging storytelling it quickly becomes apparent to us that Čeladenka is unique in several ways.

Čeladenka owes its existence to JUDr. Jaroslav Lorka. In 1932, Lorka initially built a holiday home for his family and friends in place of the hotel we see today. After two years of construction, the so-called Lorkova Villa was ready for use. Unfortunately, the fateful year of 1948 meant that the relaxing holiday resort was turned into the seat of the regional committee of the Communist Party. Under the committee, a restaurant and accommodation facilities were later added to the premises, including a small swimming pool. The villa was transformed into a hotel for the recreation of members of the Communist Party and their families. In the 1990s, the villa was returned to the hands of Lorka's descendants. For some time, the villa was also run by the travel agency Kovotour Plus. Today the hotel doesn’t show many signs of its past, having been completely renovated. However, every guest can read an entire historical overview of the hotel, from its foundation to the present day, at the very entrance.

The mountain hotel Čeladenka**** is a large complex, comprising of the main hotel building, including a restaurant, and seven other apartments and three mountain houses. Each house carries the name of a mountain peak in the Beskids. The mountain houses are named after the highest peaks in the Beskid Mountains - Lysá hora, Smrk and Kněhyně (seat of the Čeladenka Rehabilitation Centre). The whole resort has a pleasing design, based on natural elements and materials such as wood and stone. The natural tones used create a harmony between the beautiful Beskid nature and the hotel background. Inspiration from nature is also reflected in the children's corner. Children can play with various wooden toys produced locally, evoking a smile on the face of many adult visitors as memories of their own childhood come flooding back to them.

Čeladenka is an ideal place for all age categories. A suitable choice for families with children are the apartment houses, which provide uninterrupted privacy, as well as enough room for playing and the enjoyment of its youngest guests. For larger groups who prefer quiet, but also enjoy the hotel standard, the mountain houses are the best choice. Older and younger couples alike will find suitable accommodation in the main hotel building, the dominant of the entire resort. From all its terraces and balconies, one can gaze into the beautiful surrounding nature that expands into the distance. Now, who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a view?

What also caught our eye inside the hotel was the portable TV wall, thanks to which you can watch your favourite shows both from the comfort of the bed on one side and the stylish couch with cushions on the other. Romantic stays, including candlelit dinners and private wellness,

are also very popular here. No wonder…

Thanks to the romantic atmosphere, the hotel has become a sought-after and popular place for engaged couples to say their "I do" to each other. From spring to autumn, the hotel hosts weddings, both intimate ceremonies and grand events for more than two hundred guests. Companies will also find their place here. The conference hall with a total capacity of 90 seats will provide the perfect setting for organizing seminars and conferences of all shapes and forms.

A great hotel is never complete without first-class gastronomy. In this hotel’s menu you will mainly find Czech dishes. We especially appreciated the chefs’ use of local farmer products, supporting the economy in the area. In addition, if you enjoy having a glass of pure water with your meals, do not hesitate to order a mug of water from their local spring. The taste is purely delicious! Another speciality here is their home-baked bread, which you can enjoy not only at breakfast.

While at Čeladenka, you must try the local Forest Spa! You can warm up in a classic Finnish or infrared sauna, make use of a wide range of massages on offer, or treat your tired feet after a long day to a walk on the popular Kneipp sidewalk. A hot tub is also included. You can then relax on the terrace overlooking the forest and mountain stream, often visited by deer. A part of the mountain complex is a medical facility where professionals in physiotherapy and rehabilitation will provide you with immediate and quality care. Čeladenka is rightly proud of its unique combination of wellness, health services and hotel recreation. In this way, the hotel really is one of a kind.

Besides relaxing, there is plenty to do at Čeladenka. Apart from offering a variety of hotel services, Čeladenka is a perfect starting point for hikes and bicycle trips. Head out to Lysá hora or Pustevna for a day trip. For lovers of culture and history we recommend visiting the castles Hukvaldy and Štramberk, the open-air museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm or the Regional Museum in Kopřivnice. When you’re tired of walking and want to feel some wind in your hair, don’t hesitate to borrow a Segway or electric bike at the hotel. The surrounding hills are a great choice even in the winter months, as the town of Čeladná lies near two ski resorts, Bílá and Pustevny.

All in all, the mountain hotel Čeladenka will give you a wonderfully spent holiday, as well as unforgettable experiences. Guests return here repeatedly, and we can clearly see why! Čeladenka will pull you in with its atmosphere, making it hard to leave this place behind.

See you soon! TOP 4:

- Excellent drinking water from hotel’s own well

- Rich historical background

- Wellness and rehabilitation facilities

- Breathtaking nature

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