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Perhaps every little girl has once dreamed of becoming a princess just for a moment, to wear a beautiful dress and roam the endless castle corridors. Although our childhood dreams may now seem a tad ridiculous and somewhat impossible, a stay at a fairy-tale castle is within reach for anyone who still dares to dream. We are convinced that while the ladies will be thrilled, so will their other halves, but read on to decide for yourselves.

At the beginning of September we headed out to Liblice, a town not far from Prague that had remained unknown to us before. What we found and didn’t quite expect was a castle in every sense of the word.

Like every castle worthy of its name, the Liblice Castle has a rich and complex history. Chateau Liblice, as it is also called, was built between 1699 and 1706 by the Pacht family of Rájov. An important milestone for the castle was the year 1863, when it was bought by Antonie of Wallenstein, the wife of Jiří of Wallenstein, which marked the beginning of its modern era. What used to be a ‘heavy’, characteristically Baroque building now carried a more modern, light, neo-Renaissance design. Due to the marriage of Christiana, the daughter of Antonie and Jiří, the castle then went to the Thun-Hohenstein family. Given their German origin, however, the Thun-Hohensteins were deported as a result of the Beneš decrees and the castle fell to the state. Subsequently, the building was lent to the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, which after more than fifty years at the chateau eventually became its rightful owner.

Should you be interested in learning more about the castle’s history, you can sign up for one of the regular castle tours, which take place every Sunday from one or three o’clock in the afternoon. We recommend reserving a place in advance, as the gripping storytelling of Mrs. Blanička - a local treasure and expert on the Liblice castle - is in high demand and makes for a wonderful experience.

If you would like to stay at the Chateau Liblice (we wholeheartedly recommend it!) you have a choice of two varieties. The main castle building is an obvious choice for those who want the full fairy-tale experience, such as castle rooms with high ceilings, wooden bookcases, discovering the remains of secret passageways and enjoying the original, historical furnishing. There are 20 rooms available here, of which each is an original, so ideal for an annual visit. J If you prefer admiring the castle style from afar, we recommend the chateau dependence with 33 rooms, found in the East and West wings of the castle. The rooms are modern, offer a picturesque view of the castle and also include a wide of variety of whirlpool baths and hydro massage shower boxes.

Gentlemen, would you like to surprise your significant other? The chateau and its surroundings invite you for a romantic stay. In addition to weddings, which are held here on a daily basis during the season, the hotel offers luxury accommodation packages. Try the “Rose Bed” with a romantic three-course candlelight dinner. What woman’s heart would not melt?

At the Liblice castle you will not only sleep well, but eat well, too. Dine in the hotel restaurant for delicious meals from the castle kitchen. They mostly prepare Czech dishes using herbs from their own herbal garden. Of course, good food must be accompanied with equally good drinks. Here, the herbs are put to use not only in the kitchen, but also in the preparation of their homemade lemonade! Coffee lovers can try the original Chateau Liblice coffee, which also goes for the wine. You can buy the castle brand of coffee and wine to enjoy at home or give as a special gift.

Do you also like to gaze at the sky on warm summer nights? In Liblice you can enjoy both the real view and the one they have in the tepidarium in the castle wellness. The experience is surprisingly similar, plus you can get pampered with a massage or whirlpool as well. In case you are organising a conference or another event at the chateau, give your mind a rest after a busy program right here.

We always appreciate the innovativeness of hoteliers in bringing something new and different to their business. In Chateau Liblice several ideas caught our eye. One of these is the possibility to plant a tree in the castle garden to celebrate important events in one’s life such as a wedding or the birth of a child. Seeing your tree flourish becomes another great reason to come back to the chateau and nature will also thank you for your decision to mark a special moment in this way..

The chateau offers a breath-taking view of the French garden. At its end there is an inconspicuous little gate, which leads to a game reserve with many protected species of plants and animals living there. Above the gate, you may notice a small metal sun ornament. When sunlight hits this spot, it lights up the whole entrance to the game park, in the middle of which there is the nature reserve Slatinná louka near Liblice. You will find protected species of beetles, amphibians and even snakes here. It is also worth mentioning the wild orchids, now known more from the window sills of our homes than their natural habitats. When the weather is nice, be sure to try out some favourite castle pastimes, such as archery or horseback riding.

What makes the castle and staff so special, however, is the effort to accommodate guests’ needs in all aspects. In today's often impersonal times, such an approach is invaluable. We would expect that in a large and cold historical mansion we would not feel quite so comfortable or at home. The opposite is true, in the case of Liblice castle. The castle is very cosy and has its own distinct spirit. Occasionally, you may choose a hotel that is luxurious and ultra-modern, but lacks a certain genius loci, which Chateau Liblice undeniably has. We believe that you will feel as comfortable here as we did and will be happy to return for many more fairy-tale experiences.

TOP 4:

- A focus on accommodating all needs

- Historical furniture and chandeliers

- Relaxing French style and herb garden

- Breath-taking architecture

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