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Aktualizováno: 28. 9. 2020

When we received an invitation to the four-star hotel Vienna House Easy Pilsen, the absolute winner of the Hotel of the Year 2020 in the Congress category, we simply couldn’t refuse. Delighted with the vision of a pleasant weekend in a stylish hotel, we set out to enjoy our stay on a hot summer day.

We arrived at the hotel after about an hour's journey from Prague, wondering what the most popular congress hotel in the Czech Republic has in store for us. At the reception we received a card to our room and took the elevator to the 4th floor, where the Executive rooms are located. 

Upon opening room number 410, we were in awe. We stood amazed by the surprise that the Vienna House Easy Pilsen team had in store for us. To the left were large mirrors, on which, in addition to a warm welcome, the members of the hotel team were personally signed. A beautiful cake and chilled ginger lemonade were waiting on the table nearby. We could not have wished for a more exceptional and personal welcome. Nothing like this has ever happened to us and may very well never happen again. A unique moment that we will surely not forget. THANK YOU!

But back to the room. Our room was comfortably spacious. In addition to the large bed, (and after two nights, we must say, an amazingly comfortable one) there was a table, wardrobe, minibar, tea service and a COFFEE MAKER with a selection of several types of coffee. Coffee is a must, so we reached for a cup straight away. Coffee and cake make for an ideal afternoon. ☺ Beautiful gifts were also waiting for us here - honey from the hotel’s own apiaries found on the hotel roof or a practical red mesh bag carrying the hotel logo. We have to admit that Vienna House Easy Pilsen pampers its guests and we were no exception.

Vienna House Easy Pilsen, as the name suggests, belongs to the well-known Vienna House chain, which has hotels all over the world and continues to expand. The hotel chain has several offshoots or varying concepts. "Easy" is one of them. Lighter, yet very stylish, timeless design, airy spaces, a lobby with plenty of room for smaller meetings or informal business gatherings, extensive options and varieties of congress halls and rooms, availability of all digital services and, last but not least, a phenomenal home-style breakfast and a bar, where you can sit and enjoy a nice drink in the evening.

The hotel has a total of 144 rooms and suites in 3 categories - Superior, Executive and Suite. All rooms are wheelchair accessible. The executive rooms offer many benefits. We particularly enjoyed the Executive lounge - you reach your floor and on the way to the room you can enjoy your favourite snacks and take a seat with a beautiful view over Pilsen. The sunsets are especially worthwhile here and with a drink from the local bar it makes for a pleasant evening. As you walk through the hotel lobby, you may notice a small cart with flowers in a pot. Here you can borrow a flower to liven up your hotel room. A wonderful idea!

What we always look forward to are hotel breakfasts. We love them and swear by them. What better way to start the day than a delicious meal that not only tastes good, but is also a treat for the eyes. This is exactly the case at the Vienna House Easy Pilsen and its hotel restaurant, Sun Grill. Seeing their wide variety of hot and cold cuisine, we couldn’t decide what to try first, so we tasted our way from salty to sweet. All food was fresh and delicious. On offer is also an abundant selection of muesli, nuts and fruit, an ideal option for those watching their figure. But we sinners had our eyes on the donuts.

It is apparent that the hotel takes special care in how their meals are served. Hot dishes are stored under a lid in ceramic jars, fried eggs, for example, are served under a lamp. Pastries are displayed in baskets and you can choose from four types of juices at the special self-filling station. It may seem trivial, but put together these details create a true breakfast experience. Not every hotel puts so much effort into the aesthetics, as well as the practical and purely utilitarian side of serving. While on the topic of food and drink, we must mention the pasta straws. Instead of plastic or paper straws, here you will get one in the form of a long macaroni for your drink. The advantage is its longevity, especially compared to paper, and unconventional style. You can also shorten (in other words, break) the straw to a desired length. If only such an eco-friendly solution was introduced everywhere… And if you have a bad conscience from eating too much at the hotel, you can hop into the hotel’s fitness area, which all hotel guests have free access to.

The hotel is fully prepared for events of every size and shape. It offers 7 conference rooms with a total area of ​​386 m2, a capacity of up to 400 people and, on top of that, with daylight. The system of rooms is exceptionally thought through. Opal type halls (marked A, B, C, D) are more spacious and can be connected together as you need. The Safir and Topaz halls offer space for smaller meetings. We were most interested in the Emerald hall, which appears more like a living room. Colourfully and informally furnished, this is exactly our style. We believe the best ideas must come to life here! If you decide to organize a corporate event at the hotel, be assured that you and your guests will be thoroughly taken care of and provided with anything you may need. The hotel knows that coffee breaks are not just about sandwiches. Would you prefer a fillet of Mahi Mahi with grilled peppers and olives or perhaps a pulled pork neck in pepper sauce? Would your guests enjoy a coconut mousse with crushed almonds or rather panna cotta with fruit? At Vienna House, everyone will find their favourite and you are bound to score points with your business partners with this menu. We recommend that you ask for conference packages at the hotel, of which there are many to choose from and will help you put the entire event together with ease. All technical equipment and related services are top notch here. The hotel follows the latest technological trends, so on the technical side, you can rest assured that the event will run smoothly. 😊

The location of the hotel is ideal. Not far from the city centre, a minute from the train station and also directly opposite the Plzeňský prazdroj brewery. If you have never been to a Pilsen brewery, be sure to book a tour. It is a worthwhile visit. You will peer into the historic cellars, get a look inside the production process and the filling machines. The icing on the cake is a tasting of unfiltered and unpasteurized lager, which, apart from the brewery, is only served at the Na Parkánu pub. In addition to beer, Pilsen offers a wide variety of activities. We decided to roam the city, get to know the back streets and quality businesses. Many people recommend the DELISH Burger. You must book a table in advance, just showing up may not guarantee you a seat. The burgers are excellent, some of the best we have ever tasted, and we are happy to recommend it further. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, we definitely recommend the Everest restaurant. The exterior of the house in which the restaurant is located is not showy and you could easily miss it, but believe us, inside you will find a top restaurant with delicious Indian food. They also say that the best pizza is served at the Da Pietro pizzeria in Smetanovy sady. In terms of getting a table, we guess it will be similar to the DELISH Burger. Sadly, we didn’t have the time to visit, but it is definitely on our list for our next visit to Pilsen.

Our stay was amazing, and we are glad to have been invited! If you are heading to Pilsen, the Vienna House Easy Pilsen is the best choice and we are happy to recommend it. We particularly emphasize their stylish interiors, an individual approach and pleasant concept, thanks to which the hotel successfully tackles its competition. No wonder the hotel has become the absolute winner as the most popular congress hotel of 2020! We wish you plenty of success and look forward to more experiences under the roof of the Vienna House! 

TOP 5:

            - top class congress services

- personal approach

- excellent cooking

- great location

- modern hotel, designer features


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