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Aktualizováno: 17. 8. 2020

On a warm June afternoon, we took a walk through the streets of Karlovy Vary. The otherwise bustling city full of tourists enjoying the atmosphere of the spa town became unusually, but pleasantly, calm. With a light breeze in our hair, we set off along the Moravská street, which stretches from east to west, slightly downhill. Almost at its end you will find two landmarks. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary Magdalene, designed by Kilian Ignac Dietzenhofer in the 18th century and, behold, a painting of the Sistine Madonna by Rafael Santi, an Italian Renaissance painter, set in a frame made of twelve-carat gold. And here is where our story begins.

The impressive replica of a world-famous work of art set in a gold frame not only dominates the entire building, but also gave life to the KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA hotel. The four-star spa hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA is located directly in the historical part and spa area of Karlovy Vary, only 100 metres from the Vřídlo spring. Thanks to the ideal location of the hotel, Karlovy Vary's healing springs and beautiful colonnades are at your fingertips. The fact that the hotel is a certified non-governmental medical facility and is the first hotel in Karlovy Vary to receive the international EuropeSpa Med certification - a certificate of quality for spa and wellness hotels - confirms that you will be treated with angelic care. Hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA has met all 1,500 strict criteria for obtaining the gold level of certification.

The hotel has 54 rooms (single, double, triple, suites) in the DELUXE category. All rooms are comfortably spacious, complete with an LCD satellite TV, a telephone, internet, a minibar, a bathroom with a bathtub and hairdryer, and thanks to its elegant and harmonious furnishing and decor you will feel right at home. We were especially intrigued by the rooms with a bay window, which are 45 m2 in size and boast a striking view of the adjacent church. The rooms are also finished with floral decorations and a 2 metres wide bed. The hotel also has an annex building. The fully equipped Festival Apartments are only 200 metres away from the main hotel building and offer plenty of privacy and comfort. Guests of the apartments can make use of all services offered by the KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA hotel, but are also an ideal choice for families with children, who will appreciate having their own kitchen to use at any time.

A definite advantage of the hotel is undoubtedly its balneological spa centre, located rather unconventionally on the top two floors of the hotel building. In addition to sufficient daylight, the supply of mineral water from the Vřídlo spring at a temperature of 72 ° C is ensured, brought directly into the bathtubs themselves! The healing effects of the Karlovy Vary mineral water are beneficial not only through external use in the form of baths, but also internally. Mineral water drinking therapy has always been the most important component of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. Their thermal mineral water has a healing effect on the digestive tract, supports cleansing of the body, improves immunity and metabolism, and has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. During medical stays in KARSLBAD GRANDE MADONNA, the doctor will first prescribe the right amount and frequency of consumption suitable for you. The mineral water is then drunk from traditional spa cups. Thanks to the special mouthpiece, slow consumption in small sips is ensured and the first healing effects already take place during the absorption of minerals through the mouth. Did you know that spa cups originated in Bohemia as early as the 16th century?

The procedures offered by the hotel can be divided into four categories - hydrotherapy (baths), physical therapy (magnetotherapy, lymphatic drainage, wraps, compresses or dry CO2 and others), massages and special procedures. It is impossible not to mention their chocolate therapy (chocolate lovers will rejoice), as well as xenon therapy. Inhalation of xenon, a rare gas, is currently performed only in the Czech Republic (specifically in Prague and Karlovy Vary), Switzerland and Russia. In 2019 the Hotel KALRSBAD GRANDE MADONNA acquired its exclusive rights to open and operate a centre for xenon therapy. It has been scientifically and medically proven that xenon inhalation helps restore the normal function of the nervous system (relieving headaches and migraines, for instance), improves blood supply to the brain, liver and kidneys, helps treat the digestive tract and even rejuvenates! We could go on for hours on the effects of xenon. It is best to try it for yourself. Ideally, patients undergo several 25-minute inhalations for five consecutive days. In addition, the great thing is that xenon therapy has no negative side effects.

At the hotel you will be “angelically cared for”. Do you have any specific wishes? Feel free to ask, the staff are here for you. The hotel will provide toys for your children or hiking poles for fans of Nordic walking, free of charge. Would you like to celebrate your birthday at the hotel? Not a problem. The hotel is fully prepared for organising events and even has its own patisserie. We personally tasted their homemade desserts and with a cup of coffee they are the perfect ending to a delicious lunch.

If you’re visiting Karlovy Vary repeatedly or simply fell in love with the KARSLABD GRANDE MADONNA hotel on your first visit, do not hesitate to become part of the KGM Guest Club. The hotel offers two levels of membership - silver following your third visit and gold from your fifth. As a member, you are provided with the undivided care and attention of the Guest Manager or you can enjoy one or two free spa procedures and even a room upgrade!

We particularly appreciate how much attention the hotel pays not only to the top quality of their guests’ accommodation, but also to the variety of their leisure time. Directly at the hotel you can book individual and group excursions in both summer and winter. Visiting the landmarks of Karlovy Vary, as well as foreign destinations, is just a snippet of what is on offer by the Travel Agency Astra, which belongs to the wonderful owner of the hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA herself, Mrs. Helena Jungmanová.

Have you booked your stay at the Karlsbad Grande Madonna yet? We’re definitely looking forward to our next visit and wish the hotel much success and many more satisfied guests.

TOP 3:

- individual and professional approach

- location – just 100 metres from the Vřídlo spring

- xenon therapy

Detailed information about the hotel can be found here.


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